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Interested Safari Traveler,

My father went on a Safari with LouAnn's Prowler Safaris group in 2005. My father was diagnosed with Alzheimers several months before going on the trip, so this was his last opportunity to go on a big adventure. Unfortunately, my father has declined significantly since he went on the Safari. One of his favorite things to talk about these days is his Safari trip with LouAnn. Every person that comes to our home, including the cable repair man is asked if they would like to see his pictures of Africa. It was such a once in a lifetime trip, that he remembers an incredible amount of detail about the trip. LouAnn took excellent care of my father and went the extra mile to enable him to have this last traveling adventure. I would highly highly recommend this trip for any interested party. Talking about Africa brings a huge smile to my Dad's face and is a lasting memory for him.

-- Melissa


I had the pleasure of going to South Africa with LouAnn in 2003. What a great trip. It was my first "real" trip outside the U.S. so I wasn't sure what to expect. Everything ran smoothly. Dinner and shopping in Johannesburg, transfers and accommodations, in country flights, transportation to and between reserves went off without a hitch. The public reserves were very nice and the private one was very upscale. Game walks and game drives up close and personal with lions and elephants, great meals, (one in the bush), and Sundowners! (guess you'll have to go to find out what those are). LouAnn knows the people over there so you get to see things that most tourists don't, like the baby cheetahs at the Cheetah Center. We also got to pet cheetahs, they purr like housecats, just louder. I'd like to go back someday, and if I do it will be with LouAnn.

-- Casey Dunn


I would (and have) recommend LouAnn's Safari's to anyone and everyone. It was perfectly organized. I didn't have to think about any logistics, yet I never felt "herded." I'm young, I've traveled extensively, and I normally steer clear from tours because they feel to controlled. Not the case with LouAnn's trips! They are easy, yet flexible. I felt like I was traveling with a small group of friends rather than an organized tour. And all of the accommodations were phenomenal. Imagine very comfortable, at times extravagant, accommodations smack dab in the middle of the nowhere (and by that I mean the astounding African wilderness.) All this for an amazingly reasonable price. I can't say enough. Thanks LouAnn!

-- Shelly McGill