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Prowler Safaris was born from the passion and mentorship of its Mother organization, Wild About Cats. Wild About Cats founder and Director, Dawn Simas, has been a long time mentor of LouAnn Kelsheimer. Through Wild About Cats and the mentorship of Dawn Simas, the drive and dedication to follow in Wild About Cats conservation-focused footsteps is realized. Like Wild About Cats, Prowler Safaris, highly promotes grass-roots organizations that help animals in the wild. We would all ideally like to see species survive in their indigenous areas. However, the number one reason for extinction is habitat loss. Hunting and poaching is number two. It is not so much the species that are endangered; it is the habitat that they live in. Below are links to 3 projects that Prowler Safaris actively supports. These smaller projects are largely run by volunteers and students. Prowler Safaris channels 100% of its donations through Wild About Cats, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - all of the money goes directly to the project; rather than to advertising, salaries, and administrative costs and is tax deductable!

African Lion Project
African Leopard Project
Indian Caracal Project