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Is South Africa safe?

Despite South Africa's reputation, most visitors to South Africa come and go without incident. Crime is a reality of most large cities around the world. Fortunately, if you are interested in a safari, the city is only a place to fly in and fly out of! With that said... precaution rather than paranoia is the way to remain safe. As far as safety in the bush goes, a wise bushman once said..." If you follow the rules of the bush, you will always be safe." Prowler will cover the "rules" upon your arrival. Common sense is your best defense!

What to pack for South Africa

The most practical items to pack are:

  • Khaki, brown, white and beige colors
  • Light cotton tops and cotton trousers/shorts in summer
  • Safari trousers for evenings and cooler days
  • Swimwear, snorkel, mask, fins, sun lotion
  • A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Plastic sandals, to protect feet against injury from sharp coral or stone fish
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Camera film and batteries

When is the best time to go on a safari?

South Africa is lovely all year round. But to maximize your game viewing we suggest September/October or May/June. This also avoids the influx of people due to school holidays and great deals can be found.

Is Africa a good family destination?

Africa offers outstanding value for families. However, some destinations and establishments cater more fully for the enjoyment of children than others. Many lodges do not take children under 12 years. Please contact us for more specific information.

So there are restrictions for how young -- how about too old?

Safaris are good for all ages, there really is no too old. If you are comfortable sitting in a vehicle for long periods and getting in and out of vehicles, a safari is fine for you. There are walks available, but to the only extent you are interested and capable -- the game viewing from the vehicle is more than adequate.

How do I get to Africa?

Africa can be reached by regular international flights to its major cites. South African Airways flies direct daily to Johannesburg, South Africa from Atlanta and New York. Prowler is happy to help arrange your international flight upon request.

What are the entry requirements?

A visa is not required for tourists visiting South Africa, but we advise that you check with your consulate -- this could vary depending on your country of origin.

What types of accommodation are available?

Lodges and safari camps often set on private ranches - high standards. Luxurious "tented camps" pitched on concrete bases are popular. You decide on the level of "roughing it" -- our standard itineraries provide you with a very comfortable experience, indoor toilets, comfortable beds, etc. Remember that you can customize your trip -- like it rustic, we do that too!

What type of safaris do you offer?

Prowler Safari offers the following types of safaris: lodge, fly-in, permanent tented camps, mobile camping, serviced camping, limited participation camping, full participation camping safaris.

How many people do you take on a safari?

Prowler Safaris wants you to get everything you want from your experience. We do safaris for 1 and have done groups of 15. We simply use more vehicles so that each person is assured a window seat. In our experience the size of the group does not impact ones safari experience unless you are traveling for a specific purpose -- a professional or serious photographer for example may wish to go the extra expense of their own vehicle, but for the most part everyone's needs are accommodated.

What is a single supplement?

A single supplement is a fee imposed by hotels, lodges and camps on single travelers. Tour prices are quoted based on two people sharing accommodation. If someone takes a room by themselves they have to pay the per-person price plus the single supplement fee.

Can a single traveler share accommodation with another single traveler?

Yes, providing there is another single traveler of the same sex, on the same safari, and the other person agrees to the proposed arrangement.

How far in advance should I book my safari?

It is better to book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability at the time you wish to travel 6-9 months minimum is recommended.

What type of vehicles do you use on safari?

Prowler uses mini buses and land rovers in the public reserves and open-air 4x4 vehicles in the private reserves. All vehicles are maintained to provide the maximum level of comfort and safety for our guests. Everyone will have a window seat to maximize viewing and photo ops.

Are foods for special dietary needs available?

Yes. Special dietary requirements are easily accommodated. Please give us advanced notice so that we can make arrangements with the lodges and camps you are scheduled to stay at.

Is the water safe to drink?

The tap water in South Africa is safe to drink. Bottled water and juices are also available.

Are there any medical precautions?

Vaccination requirements change from time to time, but at the moment there are NO requirements for South Africa. We do however recommend that everyone have hepatitis A and C as well as tetanus and rabies. These are precautionary ONLY and are a good idea to have regardless of your travel destination! There are still areas in South Africa that are considered malaria zones, although the cases are few and far between we suggest you use malaria prophylactics (i.e. larium). Consult your doctor for a prescription and be sure that you do follow the usage directions -- usually you are required to start the anti-malaria med prior to travel.

If you are on prescription medication, please ensure you have an adequate supply to last the duration of your stay and a copy of your prescription(s).

Why ZA (South Africa)?

South Africa is one of the most fascinating places on earth for its geographical and cultural diversity. It combines abundant safari and wildlife viewing possibilities in dozens of national and private game reserves, with an astounding potential for outdoor sports and activities. Its coasts are rife with underwater wonders as diverse as the provinces they border. South Africa is dotted with bustling modern cities and criss-crossed by an efficient road system. South Africa is a dynamic fusion of African, European and Asian influences and it is the interplay between these various cultures and heritages which gives reality to the slogan: "A world in one country." To summarize - it's magic!

What is a typical day like?

On safari we are on the schedule that the animals are, early to bed and early to rise is a general rule to follow. The public parks do not allow people out after dusk or before dawn, this is for the safety of the animals and is strictly enforced. There are drives available, but they are tours conducted by the park. Private reserves do not have such rules; there are regularly scheduled drives in the morning and evening/night. A typical day would begin around 6 am, coffee and out the door for a nice morning drive. Back around 10 am for breakfast and some time to "park-off" and relax for a while before lunch and a mid-afternoon to dusk drive. Dinner served after your drive and then a night cap and wonderful conversation.

Are there a lot of bugs and snakes?

It has been our experience that the people most concerned with bugs and snakes are the ones that the bugs and snakes are attracted to! For the most part the answer is no, mosquito nets are provided at night in areas where necessary and more likely than not, if you spot a snake you will be in the safety of a vehicle and just be able to admire it from afar.