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About Prowler Safaris

Prowler Safaris was founded and is operated by LouAnn Kelsheimer. LouAnn was born and raised on The Halo Ranch in rural Iowa where she raised, rescued and loved every critter she came in contact with. With horses, cows, dogs, rabbits, goats, turkeys and whatever other animal that happened to migrate to The Halo Ranch, her first love by far was the CAT. The functional purpose of the barn cat was inconsequential, she loved and cared for each and every one of them. Her Mom supported her little animal lover from day one and never blinked an eye at what LouAnn kept in the box beside her bed - from a wild rabbit that needed to be fed through all hours of the night, to the raccoon, opossum or the occasional squirrel - she supported her. She even assisted in LouAnn's diligent protests to letting hunters and fishers on the property and prepared every meal special for her vegetarian, probably to date the only one that Iowa produced!

LouAnn traveled to Australia during her junior year of high school - her second passion ignited... travel. After graduating high school, LouAnn relocated to Northern California (she had always been aware she was a California girl at heart) and worked for a family in San Francisco who gave her the world, literally taking her all over the globe and acting as a constant source of love, encouragement and support. Knowing that she needed to finish her education, LouAnn stopped jet setting just long enough to attend California State University, Chico where she obtained her BA in Journalism in 1996. Her career path took her to Sacramento, but she longed for the fulfillment that only animals could bring her. Wild About Cats was the answer. Wild About Cats (WAC) is a local non-profit that focuses on conservation, rescue and education of exotic felines. LouAnn became a member of WAC and after showing her dedication was offered a position to be a feeder/cleaner for the organization. Her dream realized, she was working with cats - big ones!

LouAnn first traveled to Africa on a WAC fundraiser safari back in 1998, it was then she fell fast in love with the South Africa bush. Her passions collided in a magical adventure that fed her soul - her passion for cats met her passion for travel and Prowler Safaris was founded. LouAnn continues to be a dedicated WAC volunteer is committed to continue WAC's effort to support grass-roots conservation projects in the areas visited by Prowler Safaris.

Prowler was founded from passion and continues to thrive through the eyes and senses of its guests. From the call of a lilac breasted roller, the trek of the processionary worm, the profound complexity of a termite mound, to the majestic pride of lion, the rare black rhino and the elusive leopard - Prowler Safaris guarantees that its guests will have a safari experience that will transcend the magic of a vacation and live in them in every moment that follows.

Counting the minutes until I return to Mother Africa, my arms anxiously await her warm embrace - LouAnn Kelsheimer.